Thursday, July 19, 2012


Up until now I really didn't want to set goals and I'm kind of still not sure I want to...but I'm going to try it. The toughest part for me will be the T {time-bound} in the SMART goals montra. Not setting goals means I don't have to possibly eventually face failure. But, I think things have been going pretty good around here SO maybe it is time. One of my good friends/co-worker Shelley has started writing her goals down and it inspired me to do the same, somewhat. She and I are very different but are on a journey towards weight loss, which we have both struggled with our whole lives.


Before these last months I never had put a weight goal into number form. My "weight watchers" ideal weight is somewhere in the 140's but I'm not sure that is obtainable...When I started this journey I thought that 180 lbs would be a good goal but I'm there now...

My eventual weight goal is 160. It took me 8 months to lose 40 pounds and I'm kind of at a plateu so I'm thinking I could lose the next 20 in the next 8 months {hopefully sooner}. Phew. Kind of feels weird to write that down!


Sunday, December 2nd ~ Jingle Bell Arthritis Walk/Run 5K in Portland, OR
~This is not only a goal for me to be able to run a 5K by this point but I live with osteoarthritis on a daily basis. I hope that many of my family and friends will join and support me in this cause.

Saturday, August 3rd, 2012 ~ SPARTAN RACE 3K Obsatacle Course in Washougal, WA
~This really is why I started setting goals. My good friend Danielle particiapted in the race this year and SOMEHOW convinced a few of us to tag along next year. Thankfully we have a L O N G time to get ready for the race. 380 days from today, as a matter of fact.


Size 12. I'm currently in between a 14 & 16 depending on what brand the pants are. I don't own any size 12's so this will be a big deal because I"ll have to go out and buy new pants!! I hope this will happen in the 2012-2013 school year.

No more doctors. Well, not all, but most. My goal is by my 30th birthday {3/16/13} to only need to go to my massage therapist :) and my chiropractor during any given month. I know I will always being going to doctors, it's kind of my "thing", but I am getting SO sick of paying around $200 per month in co-pays. I'll need to see the OB and the Endo and the PCOS specialist once a year but I want to be done with physical therapy and labs and blood draws. I don't know how realistic this goal is since many of my 'things' that I have are life long it is my hope that with this new life style change I've got going on I won't need as many doctors.

Are my goals...

Specific ~ yes.
Measureable ~ yes.
Attainable ~ yes.
Relevant ~ yes.
Time-bound ~ yes-ish.

Fingers crossed.

a little on asthma...

I've been such a bad blogger on all of my blogs this summer. Summer vacation (I'm a teacher) has a way of distracting me!!

I've been working out at least 4 days per week all summer and I'm pretty proud of that fact. I've also been doing a variety of activities including: tennis, personal training, Barre3, walking, golf, and today I went on my very first run.

Along with all the things that are "wrong" with me I also have asthma. For a year or so I'd been taking Pro Air (Albuterol) before working out and it really didn't seem to be helping. I finally went back to the docs because I was really ready to step up my game and cardio!! She perscribed me QVAR (Small-particle inhaled corticosteroid). From what I understand (and I am NOT a doc) the Albuterol one helps immediately and helps the muscles in your airway to relax. The other one gets deep into the lungs on a daily basis and helps to relieve chronic inflammation.

I feel good that I have finally found out that there are two variables to asthma and now I am treating them both. Last month I couldn't run 1/4 mile without stopping and today I ran 1 mile without stopping. I am very proud of this and fully believe that it is directly related to the inhalers. I was struggling and sweating at the end but I. Did. It.

Fingers crossed.