Thursday, July 19, 2012

a little on asthma...

I've been such a bad blogger on all of my blogs this summer. Summer vacation (I'm a teacher) has a way of distracting me!!

I've been working out at least 4 days per week all summer and I'm pretty proud of that fact. I've also been doing a variety of activities including: tennis, personal training, Barre3, walking, golf, and today I went on my very first run.

Along with all the things that are "wrong" with me I also have asthma. For a year or so I'd been taking Pro Air (Albuterol) before working out and it really didn't seem to be helping. I finally went back to the docs because I was really ready to step up my game and cardio!! She perscribed me QVAR (Small-particle inhaled corticosteroid). From what I understand (and I am NOT a doc) the Albuterol one helps immediately and helps the muscles in your airway to relax. The other one gets deep into the lungs on a daily basis and helps to relieve chronic inflammation.

I feel good that I have finally found out that there are two variables to asthma and now I am treating them both. Last month I couldn't run 1/4 mile without stopping and today I ran 1 mile without stopping. I am very proud of this and fully believe that it is directly related to the inhalers. I was struggling and sweating at the end but I. Did. It.

Fingers crossed.

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