Sunday, February 17, 2013

one year check up!!

I had my endocrinology appointment a few weeks back and got some rave reviews. My doctor was so proud of me {and I with myself}. With Metformin, my glucose and insulin levels are in the average range!!! My bad cholesterol came down into the average range!! It was just the results I'd been working for, hoping for, and waiting for!!

I've decided to, for now, stay on Metformin. Part of me is really, really nervous to take it away. While it is not a weight loss drug - it is an insulin stabilizer and I feel has to have had some result to me losing weight. Granted - I put a LOT of work into this journey...but I'm still nervous.

I am going to see a Naturopath at the end of this month and maybe then, or soon, I will change to an "all natural" insulin stabelizer. I haven't decided yet. Metformin has been shown to have some good results with ovulation...if we go down that path!

Fingers crossed {that my levels stay in the average range}...

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