Monday, June 18, 2012

minus 35 pounds....

Left: October 29, 2011 - two days before my "tipping point"
Right: June 18, 2012 - at 185 pounds which is minus 35 pounds!!! And by the time I weighed in a few days later I was at -38 and have stayed there for 2 weeks...I need to kick it in gear!!!

Though this happened a few weeks ago (I'm writing this on 6/30) I still haven't hit the -40 mark but I"m okay with that. Between the end of the year and going on a mini 4 day vacation I'm happy that I only gained .4 in the last two weeks. That is a success to me.

I also can't believe that I have lost almost 40 pounds!!! It has been a combo of hard work, exersice, eating better (not right because I will always allow myself treats), and staying positive. The last part is the hardest part for me - it always has and probably always will be.
Now that school is out for summer (!!!!!!!) I really want to try to get some of my meals and tips and whatnot up here. As well as some goals I am finally setting for myself. Now that I have the beginnings of the change underway it is time to look forward!!!

I cannot wait to hit that -40 pound mark.

Fingers crossed!!!

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  1. You are doing fantastic with your weight loss. I really need to get my butt in gear and start doing something.