Monday, December 31, 2012

2012...the year that changed my life

Well my blog friends {if is anyone out there reading this little thing anymore} it's been quite the year.

This truly is the year that has changed my life. I started out worried in January and now that it is December I am empowered! I now KNOW that I can do this ~ whatever "this" may be. 12 months ago I did not think I could do anything to change the path I was on....but my view on so many things in life has changed!

In 2012 my goal was to lose weight and inform myself about what PCOS is. I think I've done both fairly well. And you know, I don't want to spend a ton of time diving into the past. I did that a few weekends ago and it was hard to read what I'd written through the year. Or more, really, it was hard to remember what I'd really been thinking when I'd been typing.

But I can tell you this...I plan on 2013 being MY year!!

Fingers crossed...

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