Tuesday, May 28, 2013

our cat needs a lifestyle change...

Um, yeah. So our cat needs a lifestyle change {I despise the word diet}.

Loki is 17.5 pounds of CAT {that looks like a cow and acts like a dog}.

He's gained a few pounds in the almost 4 years we've lived in our house. Part of the culprit is we live in a ranch style house so there are no stairs for him to climb. For the first 3 years of his live we lived in townhouses that had many stairs he could run up and down all day long, and he did just that. Now...he doesn't do that! Though we did get him a cat tree a few months ago and he loves it! Another part is he's been on a higher-fat food for his bladder issues but that can't be happening anymore.

He sleeps in it all day, he sheds all over it, and he is VERY possessive of it!

Too bad he doesn't like to wear his harness...otherwise he'd be better of because we'd take him for walks! But, thankfully he acts like a dog, so we'll just try to play fetch with him more. And chase him around.

Fingers crossed {that he doesn't gain anymore and this new food helps}!!!

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