Monday, June 10, 2013

season of the sling...

I had shoulder surgery last Wednesday and it's been deemed a success! I checked in at the bright and early time of 6 AM wearing my fanciest clothes!

Here's the outfit breakdown... Sheer hairnet covering a quadruple French braid, Classy glasses that I only usually wear from the bathroom to the bed, New aquamarine shirt, My hospital & allergy bracelet, Squirt the teddy bear, And last but certainly not least my Barre3 bracelet!!! Those last two items were my comfort items and I was so happy that the surgeons let me bring them into the operating room!

The results are in. It turns out that there was a tear in my posterior labrum. He fixed the tear and removed the cyst. Even though I wish I hadn't had to of had the surgery I'm very happy that it was an easy find and an easy fix!

I went home just a few hours after the surgery had started. My husband took Wednesday through Sunday off and was home with me the whole five days. He is truly amazing. I realize just how much I appreciate him. He was truly wonderful even when I was at my worst (aka deep in lala & pain land). I truly have a newfound respect for him and now know just how much he loves me. It's amazing when you slow down what you really find. My father-in-law and Penny sent me these gorgeous flowers which really helped put a smile on my face.

I spent the first four nights in five days basically in this position...

That's right, I slept in a recliner. Me, Who can't sleep on airplanes and used to always keep on my stomach, sat and slept solely in a recliner from Wednesday - Sunday night. I've actually got the entrance and exit from the recliner down pretty well! I set myself up with two TV trays to my right that have a variety of things that I needed during the day. So far I've watched over a season worth of Grey's Anatomy :) My hope is that this week once the pain pills go away I can read more and watch less.

On the second day I felt good enough to sit outside for about 20 minutes. On the third day I sat outside for an hour while we had friends over for dinner. I definitely feel like I am recovering quicker than I thought I would. I don't know if some of that has to do with the fact that I want to recover faster, or that my body was really strong before I went into surgery but whatever it is I'll take it! Today is day five post surgery and I'm only on one pain pill every six hours! I'm happy that everything seems to be running smoothly!!

Fingers crossed {that the positive healing trend continues}...

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