Monday, August 19, 2013

over the rainbow...

As this blog title suggests, I love rainbows.

It all started with my Mom. She also loves rainbows.

Rainbows are defined as a phenomenon. They are special, unordinary, and often come when unexpected. Sometimes you just a piece of one, other times you get a full rainbow. If you're really lucky, you'll get a double rainbow!! Someday I hope to see a circular rainbow which are only able to be seen while skydiving {it's on my life list}!

To me, rainbows seems to come at very important days in my life. Here's a few from the last few years {in no particular order}...

Vancouver, WA. 2010
This rainbow I saw after Jason and I were at dinner up by the mall. We had gone out to dinner to discuss the future. We'll leave it at that ;-)


Oahu, Hawaii. 2007.
This was the first vacation Jason had gone on with my family, we were just dating at the time. We had just spent the day with my parents, snorkeling.
Vancouver, WA. January 2011.
I saw this rainbow after walking out of the ultrasound to confirm my PCOS. I was already terrified and anxious and sad but then I walked out and saw this tiny part of a rainbow and I felt better.
Washougal, WA. 2013
I saw this rainbow on the day I decided to switch schools within my school district.
Portland, OR. June 2013.
We saw this gorgeous full rainbow after a dinner where we were celebrating me losing 70 pounds, Jason's job moving to Vancouver, and another future family talk.
Portland, OR. June 2013.
I saw this beauty while driving home from a "secret" barre3 meeting. I've been mentoring a group of women for 8 weeks who are new to barre3 and who are following a plan {more to come soon}. I was asked to give them inspiration, tips, and support as they followed the plan. It was SO powerful and so much fun. I even had a few friends in the group so that made it all the better!!!
Rainbows are my peace. I see one and I get giddy, happy, and clam all at once. They make me smile, pull over to take pictures, and crave them even more. I always am on the look out when I see rain & sun...aren't you?!?!
Fingers crossed {that there are more rainbows in my future}...

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