Thursday, August 29, 2013

waterfall hike...

I used to write on my "family" blog long, long ago. I also had a little "homemaking" blog. I wish there was a way to port them over to this one. I've tried to keep them all separate so they would have a topic...but it's just a lot to keep up with.

Now, this is my primary blog. Those other blogs stopped when I started this blog. I realized a few weeks back I haven't been keeping track of our instead of keeping track of multiple blogs {which I'm obviously not good at} I'm just going to do more family stuff on here. Not the daily stuff...but the milestone events.

{Now on to the actual post}

A month ago Jason and I hiked Silver Falls down in Oregon which is a hike we'd been wanting to go on for a while. On the long route you can see 10 water falls. We ended up seeing 9 because the 10th wasn't running since it was summer. We did take the long route and it was so worth it!! Enjoy a few pictures from the outing!

Our view as we ate lunch

The tree stump was blocking our view but we could hear it!

getting the angle right!

It was so fun to walk behind waterfalls.

Last one of the day.

a nice picture of us {minus my goofy shirt}

barre3 power leg with the ball
Jason and I went to Crater Lake last year and I swear I had to stop every 100 yards or so on the hike back up because I was so out of shape and winded. While the hike this summer wasn't as steep it was much longer and I didn't once have to stop to catch my breath. It was such a great non-scale victory to be in good enough shape to hike 8 miles!!! I am taking Singular and a steroid inhaler for my asthma and it really seems to be doing the trick. I didn't take it regularly during recovery and we did a little 2 mile hike the weekend before this one and I could really tell, because it was hard to breathe.

Fingers crossed {there are many more gorgeous hikes in our future}...

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