Sunday, December 29, 2013

the day that I fell in love in barre3...

...well, maybe it wasn't that easy.

2 years ago I walked into barre3 Vancouver for the first time. In my memory it was "love at first sight" but my husband has other views. His views are probably more accurate. He says that I did enjoy it but I was sore for DAYS, worried about how much it costs, and just wasn't ready. I know all of that but boy, am I glad that those thoughts didn't stick.

It took me just about 4 months to go back to barre3. In between when I first went and April 2012 I had lost about 20 pounds, worked out with my trainer a lot, and was in a better place mentally. There was some "community free" classes which means they were free, so that was an added bonus. From then on...I was hooked!!!

Today, I am not going to barre3. I am at home resting and prepping for shoulder surgery 2.0 which is in 2 days. I went yesterday and will go tomorrow and both of those classes will be taught my owner {and one of my very favorite instructors} Carrie!

Tomorrow will be my 180th class. It will be about 14 hours before my second shoulder surgery and 208 days since my last one. It will be almost 800 days since my tipping point and will mark another 6 week set that I won't be able to go to a studio class.

Tomorrow will be emotional for many reasons but mostly because I am proud of what I have accomplished.

Fingers crossed {that my love for barre3 never dies}!!!

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