Friday, January 3, 2014

a few random tips!!!

By the time you read this post I will be doped up on drugs & not really writing this blog post! I was paroosing though my photos and realized I hadn't shared a few of these tips with you all!
1. The rubber banded apple.
I was a little skeptical about this one. I don't like brown apples. And while it was a tad brown it was totally edible! On this morning I was heading to an early gym session and needed by breakfast to be ready to go! 
2. Cooler bag for grocery shopping.
My grocery store, New Seasons, is right across the street from barre3 {nifty - right}! Depending on what time classes are and who is teaching I sometimes go shopping before barre3 but I don't want my food to spoil! Solution --- bring a cooler bag with 2 ice packs into the grocery store. This way my meat, dairy, or freezer items won't go bad!!

3. Week long salad prep!

I know I've shared this one here before but it's so simple I want to keep reminding you all of it! I cut up lots of veggies and place them into 4 containers for salads for lunch during the week! Here the array was: edamame, purple cabbage, feta, tomatoes, green onions.

4. Double batch of soups...
When I make soup I almost always make a double batch. One batch will last us for about 2 dinners for 2 and a lunch or so. A double batch will give us a few more lunches AND many servings for the freezer!! This is perfect for those nights you don't want to to give to people who might need a meal because of an extenuating circumstance.

I hope that you might try one of these tips this month! Let me know if you do!!

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