Sunday, March 30, 2014

Products I Love ~ Table Topics

Jason and I used to eat in front of the TV every single night, mindlessly eating, staring, and not talking to each other. A few months ago I just decided I'd had enough and we started sitting at the table and we've sat there every night since. And a few weeks ago it took an amazing turn!

Have you heard of Table Topics? We are officially in love with them! It's a box of cards that are all centered around a common theme. The ones pictured here are the "couples" box and we also own the "what would you do" box! We've actually had these for a few years and just never used them and I'm so glad they have a use now.
Once we've started to sit down to eat we usually are continuing our venting talking about our days at work that we started when Jason gets home. But we've been making a shift towards answering about 5 cards a night, starting when we start to each. It is truly a wonderful way to turn what used to be a boring, lifeless time in our day turned into flowing conversations, laughter, and great memories!!!
playing Couples Table Topics
Table Topics really can be for anyone! There are kids, happiness, girls night out, pillow park, and so many more options! They would make great engagement, wedding, or mother's day presents! You can buy most of them on Amazon, though not all of them. So if you have Amazon Prime it'd be worth looking into for the free shipping aspect!
Fingers crossed {that you try them soon}!!!

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