Tuesday, May 6, 2014

back at it...barre3 challenge style!

WOW! Has it really been over a month since I've posted!?!? I kind of can't believe it but then what I look back at what I've been up to I can!

I'll definitely go back and update you on things that have been happening but starting today I want to go forward. Forward in all things in my life but mainly, the barre3 Spring Challenge!

This couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me! I'm allowed to do barre3 (granted - with major modifications) and I gained 7 pounds after this second shoulder surgery so my body definitely needs it. Yes, I know the number on the scale shouldn't mean anything but it's not just about the weight. It's about how my clothes fit and how I feel. My clothes fit tight and my body feel bloated!

I didn't do barre3 from December 31st - March 24th. It was, quite possibly, the worst 3 months of my life. I was so down about surgery #2 and not being able to do barre3 that I just gave up. Well, not all the way but was definitely more lax that I should have been (can you say CHEESE?!?!). But you know what, that's okay, to an extent. It's going to happen again (and again) and now I know how much I don't like the feeling of letting myself go! I have learned from the past and hopefully when a big event in my future comes I'll know how to handle it better!

I think the toughest part of the bulge is that I'm having to actually work to get it off! Up until last June when I had surgery #1 and plateaued at my weight I hadn't struggled to lose weight...it just came off! Lucky, I know!

I'm hoping this barre3 spring challenge will be my newest jumping off point! Here are the details...And, as with almost anything, you can make it your own! My fellow barre3 Ambassador Robyn is also blogging her way through the challenge and all things whole, good food! Check her out!

~ 4 studio classes per week
~ 2, 10 minute online workouts per week
~ Whole, fresh, organic foods using the barre3 nutrition guidelines

There is a menu plan but I'm not going to follow it each and every day because I just know my brain doesn't work like that. And that's part of the process - learning what works for you and your family. We work better when we have 4 meals per week planned and we can have them when we want!

Day One of food & earning my barre3 sticker!!

Day two Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie. +banana for Jason

This is the first challenge I've been able to do since I did the tester round of barre3 28-to-Great back in September 2012. I think back then I wasn't as ready as I needed to be...but this time I'm in. ALL IN!

Fingers crossed {that in 1 month I feel 100% better}...

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  1. Love seeing your instagram pics, even more excited reading about barre3 challenge cause I'm thinking of doing it myself as well!! Good luck there :)!!