Tuesday, May 13, 2014

b3 challenge - starting week 2

Today was day one of week two of the barre3 spring challenge! So far my favorite part has been connecting with people on Instagram, my jeans fitting better, and proving to myself that I can do this!

week one - done!

Week one went really well. I got all my classes & 10 minutes in, made great connections, lost 1 pound and had NO treats from the staff room. Which, during teacher appreciation week, is saying a LOT about my level of self control. I might have had a few too many barre3 treats but I figure those are better than the processed stuff any day!

I know from past experiences that this week will be hard! It's the week when I'll want the treats I didn't allow myself to have last week. It will be the week that my mind wants the things my body used to crave. Thankfully, I've already scheduled my classes for the week, my snacks are prepped, and I have the whole barre3 community watching me! Peer pressure is a wonderful thing sometimes.

Here's some pictures of week one!!!

hers & his smoothies

I always pack my bag the night before! One less thing in the AM!
I think I am the only one at barre3 Vancouver bringing my orange ball!

Had an awesome HH Friday class at barre3 Williams!
Whitney, Me, Sarah, Maggie

My goal this week is to make myself proud. 

Fingers crossed {that week 2 is just as good as week 1}...

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