Monday, July 21, 2014

on the news!

I'm telling you, this is a crazy & wonderful ride I'm on. About a month ago I took a 1/2 a personal day and did something amazing...I was on the news! And yes, I know I am behind!

Filming. My eyes look HUGE!

I was so honored to be asked to speak on behalf of barre3! Sadie was interviewed first and then they asked me a few questions. It is terrifying to be in front of the camera and I'm always nervous I'm going to mess up but it wasn't live TV so that made it a bit easier. 

I've learned to stand tall, focus (which is hard for me :), and take my time if I need to so I can answer the questions with clarity. 

The spot was aired that's the link - Annie on KATU

After the interview we took a class and Matt, the reporter, took with us led by the amazing Kait! I brought him 3 pounds weights to start and he said "Is there anything heavier?" and I told him there was but these would likely be enough. During the class he actually put them down and during the segment said "I had to put down the weights and they were just 3 pounds." He sweated through both of his shirts he was wearing, as did the rest of us! 

Sadie, Robyn, and I before class!!

I'm in the back!

During class!

So proud of the old me who turned into the new me!


I swear I was happy. I just get so nervous!!

Me & Sadie!

What an experience this was. And then, that night after it aired, I got an email from Sadie saying how well I did. Nothing like positive praise from someone you look up to!!

I love barre3 (as if you didn't already know that)!!!

Fingers crossed {for more of this}!!!

PS. That night I also CHOPPED off my hair. This makes me miss it!

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