Wednesday, June 18, 2014

getting there!

I have waited 5 1/2 months to hear my surgeon say the words "you can touch the barre again." And on Monday, I heard them!! That was at 5:00 PM and by 5:30 I was at barre3 :) Would you expect anything less?!?!

I've seen my surgeon over 10 times in the past 2 years and there's only been 3 appointments I haven't cried during - that's what happens when you see your surgeon while you're in pain! He's a wonderful man but it is SO great to see him smile.

He was SUPER impressed with my scapular control and not using my traps anymore! He was also impressed how long I could maintain a hold, my range of motion, and how happy it's all going. Basically, there was nothing he wasn't pleased with.

I came with a list of things I want to do but mentally need his permission for.

Barre3 using the barre - YES!!
Hiking - Kind of. Little hikes, backpack under 15 pounds. 
Mt St Helens - No :( 
Tennis - Volleying & forehands only. So really, no. 
Horse back riding - No
Golf - Putting & chipping from the sand/long grass only
Biking - Yes on flat land & yes to spin classes

I'm okay with almost all of these. I am very disappointed that I cannot do Mt St Helens this summer BUT I know it's for the better. I'd have to carry a LOT more weight than 15 pounds and pull myself up over boulders and use hiking poles. All no-nos. It's just not worth the risk!

I see him again in 6 weeks and IF things are going good then I'll be fully released with a 1 month check in after that. SO...if all goes well, by the end of August I could be considered "graduated" from all of this which is thrilling and terrifying all at once.

It's been a long road to get here but I am so thankful for my WHOLE village for all of their support during this time. It's a relief to be released of some of my restrictions, to be looking at the "end", and to be moving forward!!

Fingers crossed ~ that this is the beginning of good arms ;-)

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