Tuesday, June 12, 2012

it is {almost} unbelieveable...

Every few weeks or so I get my measurements done by my personal trainer!! It is a super awesome way to see the results...see below for the proof!!!

The two I am continuously most proud of are the waist and hip measurements. They are, by far, the most noticeable!!! I'm done 6.75 inches in my waist and 6.25 inches in my hips. It is, to me, crazy. I mean...wow. Just think about that. I don't go off these weights because they are almost always in the evenings and I'm clothed with shoes on...but On my weight loss journey I have lost 33.3 pounds since last October. I've decided to switch to calculating by the 220lb number because that was my heaviest and where I started this journey from...crazy. Just crazy.

The first quote I really put up there because PCOS has so many odds stacked against it and since I have PCOS, that means that I do too. But, I am determined to "overcome" them. PCOS is never.ever.ever going to go away. I have had it forever and I will have it forever. I am doing things like ~ losing weight, eating healthy, washing my hair with sulfate free shampoo {to control the oil}, educating myself as to what PCOS and IR really are and many more things.

It's been 2 weeks shy of 5 months since I went in to the endocrinologist and 2 weeks sky of 6 months since I started working out with Amanda. These have been the most telling, trying, tearful, and terrific months of my life. And for that, I am greatful.

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