Monday, February 11, 2013

i lost sixty pounds!!!

I did it. I have lost sixty {yes, 60} pounds. I did it the hard way - by changing my lifestyle. By taking the time to learn about my body. And by spending a crazy amount of money to get there.

It was worth every moment, ounce of sweat, penny, salad, bad moment, good moment, a few doughnuts, new foods, sore muscles, and tear.

I also learned I have the most amazing support system. From friends, family, coworkers, facebook friends, the barre3 community, doctors and even a few complete strangers I have been supported in so many ways. But none, not a single one, matters as much as the support of my husband who, himself, has lost almost 40 pounds.

I am happy, almost content, lighter, quicker to smile, feeling more positive, energized and excited about the future. One year ago I probably wouldn't have used very many of those adjectives to describe myself.

On to the obligatory comparison picture!!

Left ~ September 2011 ~ 220 lbs
Right ~ January 2013 ~ 160 lbs
Left ~ September 2011 ~ 220lbs
Middle Left ~ April 2012 ~ 200 lbs
Middle Right ~ August 2012 ~ 180 lbs
Right ~ January 2013 ~ 160 lbs

One of my favorite parts of this journey has been finding my place in the world at barre3. I am so proud of the work I have done there on myself and the others I have inspired! Thanks for the love barre3 Vancouver!!!!

Fingers crossed {that the next 10 pounds is as fulfilling as the last 60}...

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