Sunday, July 14, 2013

healing & next steps...

These last 5 1/2 weeks have been a gigantic lesson on healing. I had major surgery and my body needs time to heal but my brain isn't doing so good with that. I haven't gained a single pound which is a victory in and of itself... But I have definitely gained back inches! I won't deny that I am very frustrated by that.

Before the surgery I told myself I was going to do Barre3 online every day, go on walks, and stay active. And I did that, some days. The majority of the days I did not. I feel like I have reverted back to the "pre weight loss Annie" way of life... Sitting on the couch, eating things I shouldn't, being bored. I know this is because my body has to heal but I'm just struggling with it.

Here's what I know...
I get my sling off tomorrow and so I truly know that that will be the day that starts to change everything. I know I will be able to walk outside now because the sling won't make me too hot. I know I will have exercises to do every day to strengthen my shoulder. I know I can choose what I eat. I have to be on live television in nine days. I miss Barre3 studio classes.

Here's what I want...
To lose this extra inch-ish that I gained around my hips. To get back into some kind of routine that doesn't involve sitting all day. To go to Barre3 studio classes more.

Here's how I'm going to do it...
Start planning meals again. Try going to Barre3 once or twice a week, the studio really is what I need. Plan ahead for snacks while I am out and about.

There's been a few days here or there over the last 20 months where I've not done as good as I wish I would have. But this "re-start" is very daunting. These old feelings crept back into my head... My old habits have surfaced because of my forced downtime... It's not that it's all been that bad, I just haven't been as cognizant of what I am putting in my body and the movement I've been giving it. Tomorrow that changes.

My goal is to re-incorporated small daily changes into my life. I've already had some pretty staggering long-term results... But I am hungry for more.

I've been inspired by so many people in these last few weeks with a project I'm doing with Barre3, women in my power up for PCOS group, and lots of women on Instagram!!

Here's to the next path on my journey. One of continuing what I already know, changing what I am doing to adapt to my body needs, and learning new things along the way!

Fingers crossed {for quick healing}...

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