Sunday, July 21, 2013

my 8 minutes of fame...

I've been hinting {and hinting} for almost 6 months about a special project that I will going on with barre3 and the time is finally here that I can spill the beans!!!

Barre3 is going on QVC to sell their new DVD 5 pack, their amazing core ball, a nutrition guide {that I live by to this day} and a free 15 day subscription to their online workouts! I don't yet know the price but it's supposed to be amazing!!!

I fly out bright and early tomorrow for an all-day trek to Philadelphia! We will be live {YES...LIVE!!!! EEKS} on Tuesday, July 23rd from 2pm - 4pm Eastern Time on a show called "Easy Solutions". Set your DVR's. Watch on the Internet. Buy the package during our online time. View it on your tablet or smart phone!! There are tons of ways to watch me shake & quake on TV!!!

I guess I am kind of like their weight loss spokesperson {that's what I am calling myself}! It's pretty exciting, nerve-wracking, and thrilling to be a part of this. They are entrusting so much in me. I feel like from here forward I will be recognized...I already am here in Portland and Vancouver at the barre3's! I do feel a sense of, not really responsibility...but I can't really explain it. I'm a big success story for them and I don't want to let them or myself down! But I know that won't happen because 6 weeks and 1 day post surgery I was back in the barre3 studios. My soul couldn't live without it.

I'll be blogging about my experience when I get back. I hope you all turn in!

Fingers crossed {I don't mess up on live TV}!!!

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