Monday, September 2, 2013

my summer {in pictures}...

This summer has been so similar and so different than others in the past. I was busy with appointments instead of spending time in the pool. I was healing instead of running around and going on vacations. I had time to think instead of planning the next day. I feel like I didn't get much done. Most of my pictures are of me in a sling, my husband took one day off (to go fishing with my Dad), and I only wore my swimsuit twice.

Here's a few of my favorite memories from this summer...

while being in a sling was not my favorite, but I was pretty good at it by the end!
annual picnic with my bestie Robyn.
top - 2011. bottom - 2013
being involved with a special project with barre3!!!
going on hikes with my hubby
trying Salmon for the first time
barre3 in the park
my favorite non-scale victory thus far...
my husband can get his hands around my thigh.
QVC version 2.0
I took some steps in regards to my future.
{more on this at another time}
So, the story of this summer - barre3 & recovery!!!
We are looking forward to a full fall of QVC version 2.0, going back to Pullman for a football game, and heading to Vegas for a long weekend to see Jason's Dad and Penny get married!!
Fingers crossed {it all goes according to plan}...


  1. Why do i get this feeling and sense that there will be some little Eeds in the future?!

    1. maybe someday but it's not on the calendar {that we know of}!!!