Monday, September 30, 2013

{30 thoughts} it's not all sunshine & rainbows!

I have been inspired by two of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea & Cardigans and Couture, who have been "keeping it real" in some of their recent blog posts!! I tend to post the happy milestones, the "good for me" pictures of food, and positive words of encouragement. But, as we all know, life isn't all sunshine and rainbows {though I wish it was}!!!

Here's some {funny} things I've done over these past 23 months. I use the term funny, loosely in most of these instances.

- Sometimes I think that if no one sees me eat something, it doesn't count.

- I drive around the block 2 times when I feel the urge for fast food. Usually by the time that is done, I don't have that craving anymore.

- I eat brown sugar out of the storage container. Not every day but usually every week.

- I eat cheese when I know I shouldn't. Sometimes getting a zit is worth the taste.

- I learned what buckwheat, quinoa, stevia, and so many more food items are.

- Skittles. Enough said.

- I have been known to eat crutons when there aren't craackers in the house. I just need that crunch. Though I'm pretty sure crutons aren't healthy for you but it goes on salad so...yeah...

- Occasionally (well, often if I was telling the truth) I grab my stomach and jiggle/wiggle it around.

- There are 4 "health" books that are sitting on my shelf with book marks about 1/4 of the way through them. 50 Shades of Grey is more entertaining!!

- The first time I took a picture of the scale I didn't realize it was glass (and that I take my pictures directly after getting out of the shower). Think reflection. I almost posted it but noticed it just in the nick of time!

- Since shoulder surgery I have been sleeping in a nightshirt. Yes, the button up the front kind. I needed to sleep in one so the sling didn't rub my skin raw. I am now addicted to mine - much to my husband's dismay.

- I now check my butt out in any reflective surface.

- When food in the Ziploc containers gets moldy, I throw them away. 

- I still eat pizza & doughnuts. And that's okay, sometimes.

- Every few months I think I'll be able to handle having "snack food" in the house. This usually means crunchy snacks {not chips, more like NutThins}. I cannot have these in the house. I will eat the whole box - in one day. No joke.

- I day dream about the food I used to eat.

- I like looking in the mirror and making my collar bones show. I'm plotting what shirt I can wear on Friday for school pictures that will enable my collar bones to show.

Fingers crossed {that there are more sunshine & rainbow moments than not}...

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