Thursday, February 27, 2014

Products I Love ~ Penzys Spices

I get a lot of questions about what brands of certain things I use so I thought I'd start a little series! The series likely won't happen on a consistent basis - but instead whenever the mood strikes! I tend to work better like that! So here is the first of the "Products I Love" series on my blog!

Have you heard of Penzys Spices? I was introduced years ago at my bridal shower. My Aunt Elaine gave me a gift box, not unlike the one below.

Just a few weeks ago a friend asked me why I bought Penzys Spices. I told her the real reason is because of how they smell and taste! When I first started using Penzys I still has some generic brands of spices in the cupboard and we did some taste tests! We almost always preferred Penzys. My ABSOLUTE my favorite item from Penzys - double strength Vanilla. It. Is. Devine.

My pile of Penzys!
When I buy spices that I know we will use a lot like cumin, cinnamon, and oregano I buy them in the bags because it is a better value. Penzys sells their glass jars of varying sizes in their stores so we have stocked up on those. I would direct link to each item but the Penzys website doesn't show their products in a way that allows that.
If you're interested in Penzys I recommend you go to their website and request a catalogue. The BEST thing about getting their catalogue is that you always get a free item coupon! This really helps us try new items from their store and once we're there....we always buy more. Very smart Penzys!!
February 2014 catalogue & Free Pizza Seasoning
Inside the catalogue are an amazing amount of ideas! There are recipes, full product descriptions, food pairings and much more!
I truly hope that you will give Penzys a try! We most certainly love them!

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