Tuesday, May 22, 2012

comfortably uncomfortable....

This quote speaks volumes to me. I've been out of my comfort zones for a few months now and I have to say it is nice being comfortably uncomfortable. Or, at least, it is what I need to be doing.
Up until 4 months ago comfortable for me was coming home at 4:30 and sitting on the couch until I either made dinner or went and got dinner. Mostly, it was the latter. Comfortable was eating crackers, tortilla chips, bread, pasta, and potatoes - on a daily basis and sometime I would think it is safe to say I would eat ALL of them in one day, in fact I am quite sure I did. Comfortable used to be thinking about working out and then not doing it, looking at Craigslist to look at treadmills {knowing that I would never use it}, or buying exercise equipment/video games and never using them. Comfortable was over eating, under exercising, and being unhappy. My old comfort was 1X shirts, size 18 pants, and trying everything I could to cover up every part of my body.

My new comfort is wonderful. It is. I know I am going somewhere and I know I am changing my life. People keep telling me I am inspirational {for the record - I don't think I am}. I am changing my life to live my life. I am changing so I don't get diabetes. I am changing so that if we have children I will be able to carry them both inside and outside the womb, hold them, swing them, and be an active parent.

My new comfort is eating salads for lunch. It is not buying the crackers, chips, pastas, bread, and potatoes. Well, I buy some...but am very purposeful with my carbs now a days. It is fitting back in to pants I haven't word in 4+ years and YES, I saved some of them...though unfortunately not "THE" pair :( Regardless of, I am happy. I've had a lot of tough days but they are getting better and easier to deal with. My current comfortable is size 16 comfortably and size 14 with an inch to spare.

My new comfortable is really starting to show...people I haven't seen in months notice. And you know what, it feels damn good.

FIngers crossed {that this trend continues}.

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