Tuesday, May 15, 2012

not that there wasn't enough to worry about...

...I officially have osteoarthritis. In two places. And I'm just barely 29. Awesome.

A few years ago I hurt my back. It all really started in January 2009 for just a few days. I was bending over to get the trash and BAM - down I went. Fast forward 13 months and I did it again - this time bending down to get a paper off a table at school. Horrible. I saw a (HORRIBLE) chiropracter and dealt with the pain and really started putting on the pounds because it just constantly hurt!!! 6 months went by and I did it again but this time I knew I had to get serious. I had an MRI and I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my 3 lower vertarae with the lowest being the worse. I sat around for another year - went in and out of physical therapy - and gain a $%#@ ton of weight. So I've known for a few years that I had it in my back BUT...

...I just found out I have it in the 3 middle toes on my left foot. Seriously?!?! Every time I would stand up in the morning my toes would be numb, I would get random pain even when sitting down, it felt like I constantly had HOT needles in my toes - it was horrible. Thankfully I have a good orthapedist and he was quick to give me a cortozone shot and recommend some orthotics. Oh yes, orthotics. The kind you use insurance to buy. Super classy.

The nice thing is that they aren't that much thicker than my SuperFeet I used to wear. The down fall - they are very spendy and I only have one pair. BUT my toes don't hurt so the hassle of switching show inserts every day is easily superceeded by the painless toes. They still hurt when I walk down hills and I haven't tried hiking {but I will be this Saturday}.

All in all - it is just another thing to deal with. But it's also part of the circle. I found out about the PCOS which helped me find out about the IR which helped me realize I had OA. I'm happy that we are taking the steps to help with all 3 of these things that I am struggling with right now. While the PCOS and the OA will never ever ever go away - the IR could!!! And for that, I am hoping.

Fingers crossed.

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