Monday, May 14, 2012

minus 10% weight loss...

Left: Sept 2011 - Probably about 215lbs or so...
Right: 5.9.12 - 191.8lbs
Down 10% or 21 pounds since 1.2.12

Part of the reason I'm posting these pictures to hold myself accountable. Partially it is to "inspire" others. And partially it is because I am proud. There, I said it, I am proud of myself. I literally deleted that sentence twice. I don't want to seem like I am bragging because I'm not. I still am overweight. I'm still a size 16 BUT I have lost a lot of inches, weight, and a few tears along the way!! And combined with my hubby we've lost close to 50 pounds together.

*The weights in this chart are a bit off. I weight in Monday mornings at home. This is generally a week day at the gym (aka clothed and full). But it is nice to see regardless of the specific number I am losing!!

I know though, that while I am happy with the weight loss - I am happier with the inches lost. The above graph is from my sessions with my amazing trainer at 24 hour. I'm not if you'll be able to see it (It looks tiny in my editor) so I'll give you the jist. My waist has gone from 38.75 -->33 which is 5.75 inches. My hips have gone from 47 --> to 41.5 which is down 5.5 inches. It is amazing, even to me.
I attribute my success to a few things (in no particular order - well except maybe the first one). My desire NOT to get diabetes, my husband, my theoretical future children, myself, learning what carbs really are, not wanting to weight 200++ pounds anymore, hating buying 1X clothes. There really are so many more, so many more that are deeper but I think this is enough of a pitty party for today!

Here's to hoping the next 4 months are as successful as the last :)

Fingers crossed.

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