Friday, August 3, 2012

-40 pounds....

...and a bit of looking back and forwards.

My exact words {out loud & alone in the bathroom} were F*** YES when I saw this on the scale...

I've been fighting this last 5 pounds for about 7 weeks. I know, it is good to lose 5 pounds in 7 weeks, but it was a struggle and I am happy to be there.

Why I struggled: Right after school got out I spent 5 days sitting in front of my computer working on my state ProCert, then I went to Spokane/Pullman for a long weekend to visit friends. I did okay when I came back from that and I've worked out also every single day but I was definitely snacking a bit more. Though not on too much bad stuff because I refuse to buy it! It was probably all the wine and cheese I bought while in Pullman ;-) Last week we were in MN for 9 days visiting family {ie. eating out}. But I think I did pretty good. I only had fries once and macaroni once. I skipped dessert multiple times. And I got fruit with my cheeseburger!!!

How I am going to MOVE FORWARD:

~ I need to focus on the food I am putting in my body. I want to go to a Dietitian. Not to be put on a "diet" but to really start to understand food. My PCOS specialist said I should watch the documentary called Knives Over Forks. He cautioned me to really thinking about trying to cut milk & cheese. That I am not mentally ready to do right now but I am ready to cut it back.

~ Working out. Our local Barre3 had a deal for teachers that we could pay ($99) for a one month unlimited for classes {normally $150}. My goal is to go to Barre3 3 - 4 times per week, depending on my back. I am going to still continue to train with my trainer but might start doing every other week. It is very expansive but it has been very helpful!!

~ Focus on a goal. My next weight loss goal is 170 pounds. My reward for that goal is going to be a Nike Fuel Band or a FitBit. I need to do more research about which one I want - more on that to come! They both are devices that help you monitor your calories and steps and all that good stuff. I figure when I get to the -50 pound mark I'm going to need something to keep me going.

On a positive note...I went to try on a bridesmaids dress for my cousin's wedding and I was a size 14...

almost exactly one year ago I was buying another BM dress in a size 18W and it was TIGHT.

WOW. I haven't compared these two pics before. It's harder to see because it isn't full body but man oh man I can tell {ps I"m wearing the same gurtle bra in both these pics}. My cousin's wedding this fall will be 1 day less than a year apart from when I was in my brother's wedding (purple dress). I can't wait to see those comparison pics!!!

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