Wednesday, August 22, 2012

why I Barre3...

I'm sure many people out there haven't heard of Barre3. Barre3 was founded in the great PNW {Pacific Northwest} so it's even more exciting!!! Someday I want to go take a class from the founder, Sadie Lincoln {seen below teaching}, I think that would be amazing...good thing she's only 20 miles from me!

I was first introduced to Barre3 by my physical therapist and went to my first class on December 29th, 2012. She knew I needed to really start working on strengthening my core because for so long I'd focused all my energy on the pain in my back and my core was getting really really weak. She gave me a free pass and I went on my little way...I was SO nervous on my first day but I was taking a class from the owner, Carrie, per my PT's instructions. I'd contacted her to let her know where I was coming in from and we talked a bit before hand and she made me feel so comfortable when I was SO far out of my comfort zone.

I was SSSOOO sweaty and I was SO sore but I feel in love. At just about that time I had just started personal training too and was going through all my tests and was just spending WAY too much money on everything so after that I waited about 4 months to start going back. I think my brain just couldn't handle another new thing on top of everything else.

From April - July I went 10 times which was about once a week or so. In August, Carrie was offering teachers deal on a month unlimited for $99 so me and my two friends Sabrina and Alisha decided to take her up on this offer!! I've been 11 times in just 3 weeks and I can most certainly tell a difference and can't wait to finish out the last week-ish of the month. I also took some before pictures so we'll have to see the difference after a month ;-)

Now, I will say that Barre3 can be spendy BUT it is SSSOOO worth it!! I have to think about it as I am paying {good} money to have caring, friendly, and fun people teach me how to better use my body! I have seen it and felt it and handled it. I feel stronger and more toned and I really just love being there. Everyone knows my name or if they don't they ask it and make sure to use it next time. The clientele is lovely. It really is a place where I don't feel intimidated and I feel PROUD about what I can do!!!

It helps me...
MIND ~ it makes me focus on myself and my body and what it is doing.
BODY ~ it is toning and changing my body.
SOUL ~ it makes me happy. Plain and simple.

I have also introduced a few people {okay, 13} to Barre3 over the last 4 months. I think that if I refer two more I should get a free class or two ;-) Heehee. But, in all seriousness, I am happy to do it. I am happy to pass on to other people a place that I am growing to love and enjoy!!

This place has given me confidence, strength, and hope for a future. I doubt I'll ever actually leave teaching but if I do - I could see it being for a place like this. I will most certainly be buying many, many more sessions of Barre3!!! They actually have something called myBarre3 which for about $15/month you can get Barre3 workouts at home which is a spectacular idea for people who don't live near a Barre3 or have a busy schedule!! They are certainly a growing company with a friendly and solid background to be about to be around for a long, long time to come. I'm proud to be a Barre3 babe!!

The PCOS & Insulin Resistance Connection: Like walking uses slow twitch muscles - so does Barre3. You do such tiny and effective movements that often you don't even feel like you're working out some major muscle {but you sure feel it the next day}!! Since many of us with PCOS struggle with IR too, so slow twitch muscles are the best to use. At my Barre3 there are so many types and ages of women it is a great place to workout. Don't be afraid!! I started going there when I was 220 pounds...and I struggled and sweated and thought I was going to die but I also felt like that walking up a flight of stairs!!

The OSTEOARTHRITIS Connection: Since I have osteoarthritis in my lower back and 3 of my toes I was nervous about too much strain. One of the BEST things about Barre3 {besides the fab workout} is the amount of care and attention the instructors give each student. Many of the ones at Barre3 Vancouver know about my back and are more than happy to help me with modifications. They never do it in a "pointing me out" kind of way unless I directly ask for it. I don't know how many times they have gotten down on the floor and modeled positions for me to me more successful with my time.

Finger crossed {that I can keep it up}.

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