Monday, September 3, 2012

after the workout...

Not that I was ever flexible before... but with all this new working out I've been doing my body is certainly getting tighter and tighter both in size and in flexibility. And while barre3 is AMAZING it certainly makes my muscles break down and build back up - which is the point it is just new to me! With the osteoarthritis I really do take care of my back but slowly but surely other parts of my body are starting to feel some strain. Here is how I take care of all my problem areas...

Giant Ice Pack...

a TENS unit. It provides shock to the muscles in my back to transfer and numb pain.

A Chinese pain relief liquid. It's from my accupuncturist and it's amazing.

A lumbar traction device. I had it for 3 months but insurence wouldn't cover it and they are $pendy!! Someday.

Little {walkable} ice pack.
I ice my toes {and back and knee} every night.
Foam Rolling.
{please ignore the mismatched comfies}
{My roller is from Target}
Foam rolling really helps to massage the muscles after a hard day. It is still sometimes quite the workout in itself because you have to move yourself around. You can use a foam roller so many ways! Most rollers will come with instructions on how to use them. I just do whatever feels good!

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