Tuesday, September 11, 2012

back to school...and out of synch!!!

Well, it's back to work for me... I love teaching but man, being a special education teacher can be a draining job!!!

I am definitely trying to be a creature of habit this year and so far it is kind of working...I really need to stop working 10 plus hour days so I can get to Barre3!!!
~creating habits at home~
~ making my bed every morning. I have never, ever, ever in my life done this. It isn't very pretty but it is done and tidy looking. I do it while brushing my teeth so many that is why it is messy ;-)
~ cleaning up my stuff in the bathroom before I leave
~ making my lunches at home the night before
I've been documenting my lunches on my Instagram Account. You can find me under the hashtag #annieslunchbox
first day of school!

~food management. Last night when I was making dinner I was triple-tasking. Making dinner, packing my lunch for the next day & cutting veggies for the next day's dinner!

Since I just started services two days ago I have yet to really go into a routine at school...we'll get there!!

My biggest goal is to figure out how to schedule and plan exercise! One of the nice things about Barre3 is that you can sign up online ahead of time and if you don't go/don't cancel you still get charged - which is really motivating to go!!! They have 4:15 times and 5:30 times most days which will eventually work for me (someday) when my schedule simmers down!! I've also been doing some mybarre3 and I am doing the "28 to Great mybarre3 challenge" starting next week!!!

I'm so excited to get started and see what it is all about!!!

If you're a teacher...how do you fit exercise in your schedule?!?!

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