Wednesday, September 5, 2012

my month of Barre3!

Thanks to the generosity of the barre3 community I was able to get an unlimited month at barre3 for just $99. See, once in a while it pays to be a teacher!

In the month of August I went to barre3 16 times out of 31 days!!! This was a big time commitment and health commitment and I am so thankful that I made it. Before I started my month I was able to do 3, 30 second plank holds with my personal trainer. AFTER one month of barre3 I was able to do three, one minute planks!!!! Amazing progress I tell you.

Part of sharing my story was sharing it with the staff of barre3. I felt a strong pull to let them know what they really meant to me. I was greeted back with loving and caring smiles and questions when I came back the weekend after I had shared my story with them. What had happened is I had let Carrie know and she has asked if I would mind if she shared and of course I said she was more than welcome too! If I can help one person go to the doctor or learn and share about PCOS I feel that I will have made a difference! I was honored and moved that Carrie and Sadie felt compeled to share my story further...on Facebook ;-)

To me this means even more people hearing about and learning about PCOS. It means more people in my village. It means that others can see that I am making positive changes. It makes me happy, proud, slightly shy, and overall excited!!!

And now I'm looking forward to my next venture with barre3...

I have no clue what the "28 to Great" means but I am excited to find out!!! I'll keep you all updated on here!
Fingers crossed!!!

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