Sunday, April 7, 2013

minus 65...

...pounds that is!

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this. Well, I kind of can because I slacked for much of the month of March!

Some interesting thoughts came out of losing this 65 pounds. When I first started my journey I did not believe that I could do this but I knew I had to try. And try I have. And lose I have. There's been a few things lately {namely when thinking about whole foods and no-dairy} where I've said out loud to others and to myself - "I can't do that". Well, I instantaneously switched my words up after I said the word can't...because I can. I can try to do anything!!


I kind of can't believe this was me one year ago {and then me last week}...

left: April 2012 ~ Kauai
right: April 2013 ~ Phoenix
But at the same time I can believe it is me! It's weird. Before I lost all this weight I sometimes would picture myself how I look now. And sometimes now, I picture myself as I used to me. Weight loss is a long, twisted, and mind-bending journey. I'm a size 8 in almost everything now. My top is a size Medium. That in and of itself is mind-bending. When I started this journey I was almost reading to buy a size 20W and size 1X shirts where too tight. It's weird to not shop at the stores I used to. It's weird to be able to walk in lululemon or Nordstroms or even Khols and find things that fit. It's going to take some more time to get used to that!
I buy myself rewards at the major weight loss milestones. In the past I haven't considered a -5 from a 10's weight loss {like -65} to be worthy of a reward but then I saw something I really wanted and wanted an excuse to buy it. Plus, when I hit the -60 pound mark I figured I'd plateau, but I didn't. I have kept on losing and couldn't be happier or more proud of myself! My very fashionable best friend told me this top was a good choice. She write a fashion blog...she should know! And just after I purchased this top {with the snazzy zipper in the back} she wore one on her blog ;-) See, now I'm starting fashion trends! Oh, and just to tip this adorable shirt over the edge - it's a size small. Yes, small.
reward top from LOFT

wearing my top in sunny Phoenix with my cousin!
All in all, losing 65 pounds has been amazing experience. How could it not be?? Can't wait to see where I go from here! I don't "think" I will lose a bunch more weight but I do believe I will become more and more toned. I told my best friend yesterday "Maybe next year I'll wear a 2 piece suit in public". And you know...I hope I will!!

Fingers crossed {that I'll be bikini ready next summer. Heehee}...


  1. Love it. That top rocks :) And thanks for the shout out.

    1. Thanks for the fashion advise! Now for the weather to be nice enough to wear it! Glad I at least got to wear in in PHX right after I bought it!