Sunday, January 6, 2013

getting ready for the week...

This year I've been bringing my lunch every day...well, I've always brought my lunch but now I'm bringing healthier foods in them! This sure does involved a lot of prepping!! Here is how I go about prepping my food!!

It really starts with menu planning, which I'm getting better at. But I have finally found one weekly menu/list that I like! I'm on week 3 of using it - which is a definite plus! I like this plan type because I can write what I need for specific meals, as well as what I need for the rest of the house. My little orange sticky note is things that over the week, I realized that we needed. I just added them to this week's list! It's simple, clean, and has enough space to write!

meal plan from life in yellow
After menu planning, comes the shopping. I used to not mind grocery shopping when all I was picking out was the same old boxed foods every week. It's now a little more work! The last few months I've been stocking up at WinCo with any canned/dry goods like pasta, rice, beans, butter. Basically anything that isn't a fruit, veggie, or meat. I buy those things at New Seasons. Our grocery budget has increased because we are buying GREAT food but our waistlines are I suppose in the end it is worth it :) I need to be better about going to two stores {for the savings} but sometimes I just don't want to!

After I get home from shopping is when my old ways need to take heed to my new/not yet implemented ways. Now that I have planning & shopping managed {for the most part} I want to focus on my pantry and my fridge. That's going to be my goal for the month of January. Organize it!!! My husband works 3/4 of the weekends in January...maybe I should tell him of my plans!
Though tonight...I started some of my prepping for the newest round of the barre3 28 to great challenge! A big proponent of the challenge food portion is salads and veggies! Last time I did the barre3 challenges I just wasn't prepared. I was just learning about food, whole food, I was so overwhelmed. This time, I planned out how I wanted the food prep to look. It took about an hour to clean, cut, and store all the veggies but it will be worth it this week when all I have to do is reach into the fridge and get whatever toppings I want for my salad! This week and next weekend my goal is to tackle finding more veggies recipes!
veggies for salads and snacks!
croutons {for the hubs}, hard boiled eggs, Roma tomatoes, black olives, avocado, grape tomatoes, sweet peppers, green onions, salsa crock pot chicken, craisins {for the hubs}, pecans, celery, red onion, carrots, cauliflower. Added later -artichoke hearts.

Here's our fridge...very full!!!
Top. Condiments, liquids.
Middle. Salad supplies, lunch for tomorrow, barre3 bars, yogurt for hubs, eggs.
Middle Drawer. Cheeses for hubs.
Bottom shelf. Lettuces.
Left bottom drawer. Raw meats.
Right bottom drawer. Extra veggies.
Super pumped to start this challenge with so many other people doing it too! It really helps me considering I am SUCH a "village" person. I'm hoping this will really instill good eating habits, shopping habits, and prepping habits.
Fingers crossed {that this first week goes amazing}...

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