Sunday, January 6, 2013

weekly treats in the staff room...

Each Friday is our staff room a different group of teachers is in charge of "treats" day. It is a weekly will power struggle for me. Sometimes I do really good - sometimes I don't.  It's easiest on the days where there are fruits & veggies because then I try to eat those first and let myself have a little bit of something I'd really like {but don't need}. I'd like to be able to show weekly how I handled the Friday Treats Table... I'll try to post about what I was thinking, what I ate, and how I felt.

Friday, January 4th ~ 5th Grade Team
Muffins from Costco, red grapes, tangerines, strawberries, bananas, cherries, Club crackers, variety of cheese.
What I had ~ 2 tangerines, 4 crackers (with my lunch), and 1/2 of the almond poppy seed muffins.
I was happy that there was fruit & veggies to choose from. I ate the fruit and 1/2 muffin after school had started. I've started eating a "snack" about half way through the morning - usually an apple. It's really helped! For lunch on Friday I didn't have a salad because I didn't have any lettuce so I had a larger portion of soup. I probably didn't need those 4 crackers but in my head I said "well, at least they are multi-grain".
We'll see what next week brings!
Does anyone else have treats around at work?? All week? On certain days?
I actually like that it's really only every Friday. I can mentally prepare for it!
Fingers crossed {that next week there is fruits & veggies}!!!

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