Monday, February 27, 2012

- 10 lb goal!!

I am seriously proud of myself. Today I reached 10 pounds lost in 2 months. And to think - I did it while eating almost a whole box of Tagalongs...haha. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. It is not the weight watchers way BUT I did count the points. Those things are dangerous and delicious!!!

Anyways, the feeling of losing 10 pounds has been amazing. Sometimes I think the scale s purposely playing tricks on me, like it isn't real!! My pants feel so much better, my shirts {the 1x ones I had to buy in November} are too lose, and I really just do feel proud!

Now that I've found out I am insulin resistance I'll be slowly changing things up as I learn what is going on within my body. The Metformin has been going pretty good. No horrible side affects. I've been feeling really hot from the inside-out and that was taken to a NEW level while working out with my PT, Amanda, today. There was definitely some points where I was a bit wobbly and like majorly flushed {much more than normal}...but I pushed through and got a good workout in!!

Speaking of good, I had measurements today at PTing. Now I know my weights are different and that is because I weight in for weight watchers at 6am fresh out of the shower and I weight in for PT at 6pm in workout gear and shoes. I'm personally staying with the home scale...the number is lower ;-)

So here is my measurements. This is a BIG deal to put this out there but it is my hope that by doing it I might inspire someone. It's kind of embarrassing that I got to where I got weight and size wise but I know I am not working in the right direction and I have the support of my family and friends.

The waist and the hips are the ones I am most excited about. Minus 3.75 inches from my waist and minus 4 inches from my hips. Also {much to the dismay of my husband} I've lost 2 inches on my bust ;-)

I am so happy. I feel better on the Metformin {except for when I don't - which isn't too often}, I am losing weight, I am getting into a workout routine, I am looking better. It feels nice. Really nice.

We got to Kauai in 32 days and I am going to work really hard to lose 5 more pounds and get below 200 by the time we go!!

Fingers crossed.

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