Tuesday, February 7, 2012

no excuses {today} and no results {yet}...

Yesterday wasn't a good day. Between my burning desire to hear my results {after a weekend of trying not to think about it} and my hard day at work, I wasn't up for the gym. I should have been. I was packed and had a plan in my head but I just couldn't do it. I needed to decompress.

Today was better, though I still got no results. They told me last week that if I hadn't heard by Wednesday to call....I wonder if they meant call ON Wednesday ;-)

But today was better because I had no excuses - at least about the gym. I knew I had my sister-in-laws birthday dinner at 6 and that I get off work about 3:45 if I jet out of there I could make it all happen. So I jetted out of work, went to the chiropractor, and headed to the gym for 40 minutes of a workout. I feel very proud of myself. I would have never done that before.

What got me motivated was that I know I won't go tomorrow {YEAH for concerts!!!} and I'll go Thursday and Saturday. This month I am working out with my trainer once a week instead of every-other week and I work SO MUCH BETTER when I know someone is watching me. With my trainer I made a commitment to go 3 days by myself and once with her for the month of February. I don't want to let myself and I don't want to have to face her if I don't do it. "PT pressure" is a bitch and I'm paying good money for this so I might as well hold up my end of the bargain!!

I hope I get my results tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.

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