Wednesday, February 1, 2012

during the storm...

...I saw a rainbow.

Today was the last day of the current round of tests to "put the pieces of the piuzzle" together. I had my ultrasound. So once I get the results from this and the glucose & blood work we'll go from there.

I've been feeling happy a lot this week. More often than not - which is a good change of pace.
And then - as I'm walking out of the ultrasound and realizing this is the "end" of this stage it is raining and sunny...and you know what rain + sun equals...

Outside the door of the hospital.

It was a half-arc rainbow but I couldn't get it all in one shot.

I drove across the street to give it a better look.

As I sat and looked at the rainbow tears just started coming. I couldn't stop them. I wasn't like bawling but I was certainly emotional. It wasn't for very long and I'm not even sure what it was for. Maybe for the fact that the inital testing is over. Maybe because I'm scared of what all the tests will say. There are so many options of what it could have been. Though I think, it was all of it. The unknown, the despair, the desire, the hurt, the love {I feel from my family & friends}, and the thought of what is to come.

Then I went and spent time with my AMAZING parents. Love them.

Fingers crossed.

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