Friday, March 2, 2012

{still} waiting...

I am super beyond frustrated tonight and even then those words don't do what I am really feeling justice. Like I said yesterday I had called OHSU yesterday to see if my results had even gotten back. Turns out they were in on Tuesday but the lady that assured me that she'd send the results to my Endo ASAP - did not. Simply put.

I figured that out when I called my Endo this morning and they hadn't gotten anything and I think she could tell I was really frustrated {probably because my voice cracked a bit because I was about to lose it} and assured me that there is a note on my chart to call me ASAP. I'm kind of over being assured things - I just want them to get done!! So then I called OHSU back and that's when she told me she'd had my results but hadn't faxed them over. WHAT THE HELL?? I mean, I know I don't always do things the exact day I get them - but that's like paperwork or making a copy for something - not life changing and potentially earth shattering medical information!!!

Needless to say I'm not sure I was in the most cheerful of moods at the end of the day. Then I started running a bunch of errands and was later than I would have liked getting to my parents house. That is where the above quote comes in. While today was not a good day because I didn't get my results that I so badly want ~ I did get to spend some fun time with my family, family friends & coworkers ~ all of which were very nice.

I went and had dinner with my parents and some family friends who have a 5, 2, and 3 month old. It was SO much fun, but I will admit it was hard too. My Dad LOVES babies and kids. We call him the baby hog because if there is a baby around he will hog it. At dinner tonight he even gobbled down his food so he could hold the baby. Then we started playing in the fort that my Dad and the girls had constructed before I even got there. And the whole time we were eating, talking and playing all I could think was it's supposed to be MY kids he is playing with!!! I hope that someday it will be but it was strange mix of sad and happy. So strange that I don't even know if it I could do myself justice by trying to explain it.

Well, here's to another weekend full of worry and a guarantee that I'll be calling the doctor first thing Monday morning to make really sure they know I want the results!!!

Fingers crossed.

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