Tuesday, March 6, 2012

walking around the block...


I live in the house where that little A is, on A Street as a matter of fact. I don't always feel like driving to the gym on the weekends which is about 10 or so miles from my house. Though as I'm typing this I realized that I was next door to my gym at Kohl's on Sunday...haha.
Anyways, a few weeks ago I had the thought that if I knew how far I was walking I might be more apt to do it. So I jumped into my Jeep and did a little odometer reading of this city block. So from my house going west, turn right onto 32nd, and then left onto B continuing around in a rectangle. The whole big rectangle is .9 miles around.

I figure on Sunday I did about 2 1/2 laps. On the first lap I took a short cut through the middle of the rectangle because one of my friends/coworkers was in the dog park parking lot and I wanted to say HI. It took me 39 minutes {yes, I timed myself}. I ran maybe 3/4 of a mile. See, on one of my other blogs {the family one}, I have this thing going called 30 before 30. One of my tasks I want to run a 5K before I turn 30 on March 16, 2013! I figure this is a good place to start "training" because I'll never be more than a half mile from home, you know, in case I need to crawl back there!! I also really like this walking/running/training route because it is in a very high traffic - safety first!

What type of AT HOME GYM activities do you do? DVDs? P90X? Wii or Kinect? Walking? I'd love to hear your ideas!!

Here's to hoping my walking streak turns into a running streak...

Fingers crossed.

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  1. I do TurboFire (cardio kickboxing, but it's in the same "family" of workouts as P90X). Ain't gonna lie, it's hardcore, but I never seem to get tired of it. I mix it up with walking to/from work a couple times a week (40mins each way) and taking an occasional Jazzercise class.