Monday, January 30, 2012

-5 LB Goal!!!

Super pumped about losing 5 LBS!!
And for the record, Jason's lost 11 LBS!!

On January 2nd, before we started down the defined PCOS path Jason and I decided to start weight watchers and are determined that this will be for "life". I should mention that it was actually Jason's idea...thanks babe! We are really trying to make the changes that will stay with us forever. By choosing to do little things, one step at a time.

~ We've really been working on getting healthy this year. I started at the beginning of the school year packing lunches to save money and to choose healthier options.

~ In December I started working out with a personal trainer and she's been kicking my butt!!! She is amazing and I just signed up for 10 more sessions with her. Worth every penny. She's not only teaching me how to workout but helping me understand what to eat.

~ Since starting weight watchers, and a little bit before, what we buy has dramatically changed. Last week I came home with 4 bags of veggies and fruit, something I had certainly never done before. I have some great inspiration around me - especially in my friend Robyn. She's made such a huge change in her life and her habits, it is inspirational. My Mom is also doing WW so that helps too. When we went over there for dinner a few weekends ago she informed us we needed to save 16 points for dinner and dessert :)

I've been debating all day whether or not to put this on here, about the weight. More specifically, the number I weight. But you know what, this is part of the journey. While I am not proud of what I currently weight I now know that it is not "all my fault". Sure, some of it is. I do choose to eat carbs but I LOVE carbs and totally got caught up in that "fat free" stuff and didn't know anything about what carbs really are. I still don't but you can bet that is the next thing I am going to learn about!!

One of the "side affects" of PCOS can me unknown weight gain. This generally happens when people go off birth control and that is exactly what happened to me. Coupled with having arthritis in my back I can say that for a little bit I was less active than I used to be...but not greatly less. From what I understand, is when I went off BC I lost all those hormones that were helping to regulate me. And since I don't produce those hormones on my own, my body went into overdrive...turning carbs into fat, instead of into energy. My body has actually been doing that it's whole life...and I know everyone's body does it - mine just does it "better". Haha.

I am happy to be losing weight, happy that we can afford to change our life style, happy that Jason and I are working together to do so, and happy that I have so many people surrounding me who want to help!

I am lucky.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. So proud of you! Lifestyle changes are never easy...Especially considering we all love the taste of yummy, bad for us food! I know you've done some yoga in the past, but I really, really, really think you should start again, and as often as you can! There are so many known health and mental benefits! Once you start feeling great in a normal yoga class, try a Bikram (heated) class. It will take things to an entire new level. I'll go through my recipe box and send you some tasty, healthy recipes!