Monday, January 30, 2012

I {think}...

...I may be starting to get over my fear of needles. THNK being the key word!! I have no doubt that will change when I have a bad experience again...because it is bound to happen.

It might have helped that I had to do this. Well, come to think of it, I've never gotten my blood drawn voluntarily. I'm not crazy!! I had 3 different people draw my blood - number two was the best. I should have written down her name to make sure I can get her in the future ;-)

I had made a 7am appointment to ensure I wouldn't have to be too hungry in my waking hours since it was a 12 hour fasting 0-hour blood draw with 2 additional blood draws at 1-hour and 2-hours. They ended up getting me in at 7:30 and they explained the delay to the fact that they needed two people because they were drawing so much blood the first time. Imagine my amusement.

At the 0-hour blood draw they took nine, yes 9, vials of blood. My Endo had written orders not only for glucose but a myriad of other things {which is good} so they needed to take a lot!

Next came the part that, second to the needles, I was most dreading. The glucose drink. I'd heard some horror stories...I was given the orange flavor which it what I was going to choose anyways. 75mg later I was certainly not wanting to drink that liquid every day but the orange wasn't bad. Just tasted like an orange Hi-C.

2 nurses. 1 orange glucose drink. And 1 little tiny teddy bear Jason gave to me years ago for the specific reason that if he can't be at scary appointments, I can hold onto it. It lives in my purse 24/7 :)

PS. For the benefit of my Dad {who makes fun of me for having my phone & always taking pictures} I would like to inform you that I was listening to music with my phone because they told me it would talk about 2-3 minutes to get all the blood. I needed a distraction!!

After that was over I was given instructions on a very specific time to come back. I set my iPhone alarm for 5 minutes before the next draw, as I was not going to sit right outside the lab. It was cold there. I headed for some comfy {well, as comfy as hospital couches can be} couches just around the corner in the lobby. I passed the time by watching Red Riding Hood on my iPhone. And thanks to an awesome Christmas present from my Mom, I was able to just lay it on the couch next to me and not have to hold in the whole time. Thanks Mom.

See the little pink bulb? It props up your phone! Snazzy huh?!?

Apart from the needles and the drink, I was worried about getting the draw at exactly 1 hour. I mean, I really thought they'd mess it up since I didn't just sit back there in the lab. They must have had a timer or something...and I was pleasantly surprised that I not once had to go up to the window and tell them my time was in 2 minutes!!

So I do not know the results yet since I decided to do the blood draws at a hospital near me. It really doesn't matter though because my Endo's office doesn't do them so regardless of where I had it done I would have had to wait. {My Endo is in Portland, for the record}. Keeping on my {new} pace of making sure things happen I'm going to call my Endo tomorrow just to see how this all work when I get out of office labs done. Does she call me? Do I need an appointment?

I'm having an ultrasound on Wednesday.

Fingers Crossed.

PS. Teen Mom isn't the best show to watch when you're tired and all you want is to be able to get pregnant. Just saying.

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