Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the road to gaining information...

I'd like to start out saying that today I felt good about things. Not good in the sense that I'm happy about it, but good in the sense that I know what is going on - or at least I'm going to know a whole lot more by the beginning of next week. Kind of like this picture. It's been up hill from here and after this week, it still will be up hill - it will be one filled with knowledge.

I took control today and called the Endo office to ask about lab results. I was afraid that they might have the "oh geeeeez" attitude. But it was totally the opposite!! I explained who I was and how I'd never gotten results back and just wanted to know the procedure. Does the doctor call you? Send a letter? What?

The office manager I talked to was so kind and after I told her I'd be getting both my tests done this week she said odds are the doctor would let me know by Friday. She said if I hadn't heard by Monday to go ahead and give them a call back! She assured me that I can call as often as I'd like to check on stuff. I got the feeling that she was genuinely happy to help.

Happy to be a patient there.

Not happy about having to drink 72oz of water in 30 minutes tomorrow but I am happy to be {FINALLY} having an ultrasound.

Fingers crossed.

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