Saturday, January 28, 2012

to blog here or not to blog here...

...that is the question.

I have a few other blogs. Three to be exact.

- One for our family events. And let me be clear that by family I mean my hubby, myself and our weird cat. I even named it, when I made it back in 2009, when we got married and included the word family...thinking that a family would be an easy thing to come by. Though we are a family, we want more.

- One for my homemaking endeavors. Originally thought out to be more about baking cakes but it has turned into a catch-all for my mediocre crafting, baking, cooking, and decorating skills.

- One for the "picture a day for a year" bandwagon things I jumped on in the start of 2010. I made it through September of that year...which I'd say is pretty good. This year I hope it make it all the way through.

The blog name, I knew, had to have something about rainbows in it. I've been known to pull off the freeway to take pictures of rainbows. I hunt for them, long for them, and marvel in them whenever I get the chance. If I ever had the guts to get a tattoo it would be something with a rainbow in it. In HS I always wanted a rainbow of starts...6 perfect little stars in a row, rainbow style!! The background picture is from my hubby and I'd first trip to Oahu in 2007 with my family.

I want this to be a blog, for however long it may need to be here, to write down my thoughts, battles, and directives of living and learning and loving with PCOS.

I was thinking about posting the news on our family blog but I want to continue to have a happy, fun place to document the events in our lives. I have this gut instinct that it is going to be a long process and I think I do want to keep them separate. So...welcome to my newest (and least exciting) blog.

Fingers crossed.

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