Saturday, January 28, 2012

and so it starts...

I am in week 1.2 of learning about PCOS. I don't know much...and I'm learning a lot. I am not an expert and any information I post or share or state is what I think, at this current point in time. Obviously my knowledge and understanding of this will all change, it has to change, and that is what I'm doing here. Documenting what I learn and am going through.

I'm just putting this out there so that I don't get slammed as "pretending to know" or anything like that.

You should also know this about me, I worry, a lot. It doesn't mesh well with pretty much anything in life...and I bet PCOS is no exception!!

My journey into PCOS started years ago but it is just now falling into place. More on the story later, probably tomorrow, since the story is dying to get out of me!!

Fingers crossed.

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