Sunday, January 29, 2012

hello... name is Annie and I have PCOS.

I made a new page, which you can find in a tab across the top, where I started beginning to write down dates and events that happened that have left me here - blogging about my life with PCOS. The "my background" page is where you can see the signs I should have seen.

My goal is to be as honest as possible while still remembering that the Internet is an open place. But I have been feeling this STRONG urge to get my story out of my mind and into the world. You, I am sure, will notice over time that I am not a religious person so whenever I talk of feeling urges or pulls or desires - they come from within and the strength I feel from my family and friends. Just wanted to get that out there. Phew.

Even if you don't have PCOS you probably know someone who does, or might, or will.
They say PCOS affects 1 of every 10 women. Funny story about college I had a total of 9 roommates over 5 years. ALL {no, I am not making that up} of them have babies - except me.

Fingers crossed.

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