Sunday, October 6, 2013

{30 thought} barre3 convention...

Today (we'll pretend it is Sunday as I am typing this when really is Tuesday but I'm going to back date the post) I talked at the barre3 convention. Me. I talked to a room of fitness professionals. Women who are owners of fitness studios. And my inspire them!

I was so nervous. All week I was nervous. When I was sitting up there I was shaking because I was so nervous. But...I did my job. I inspired.

My main talking points were weight loss and non-scale victories. I honestly can't remember much of what I said but when I was talking about non-scale victories {which is Sadie's new favorite thing} I told my story about the first time I ever thought I was beautiful. It happened at barre3 {are you really surprised by that}?!?!

Here I am, probably crying. I was looking out in to the crowd and people were silent when I was talking. I wasn't the funny person of the group {go Frayn}, I wasn't the intelligent one {go Robyn}, I was the brutally honest, raw, and crying one. And I couldn't be happier. To look out and see Sadie, the founder of barre3 and Carrie, the studio owner where I practice, crying. That meant the world to me. There were others too...

You made me cry! Kait and I could not even look at each other when you talked about seeing your beauty in the studio mirror. I will remember that story forever. Truly. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and with the whole barre3 community, lovely woman!
~Megan Hurley. Owner barre3 at Fayetteville, AR
It was all worth it. I love sharing my story. I love inspiring people. I love barre3. It was the perfect situation and it doesn't get better than this...
Fingers crossed {that it does actually get better than this}...


  1. I enjoyed listening to your story on Just Jenny this morning. I will follow you on your blog now to keep learning about your journey.

    1. Thank you!! I appreciate the comment and the follow!!