Sunday, October 20, 2013

{30 thoughts} it takes time {food prep edition}...

Being healthy takes time, and lots of it!

I spend almost every Sunday going to barre3, going grocery shopping, and then coming home and spending the afternoon in the kitchen! Today I snuck in a facial too for a reward for keeping this lifestyle up for 2 years but that's another story for another day!

On Friday or Saturday I usually plan my meals a day or two before by paroosing Pinterest, looking at the barre3 blog, or going through some of my cookbooks.

messy kitchen's are okay when whole food is being prepped!
Sometimes I go shopping before class and when I do I make sure to being along my cooler! It keeps everything super cold until I've returned home. Jason got this as a gift for being in his friend Adam's wedding and I can say, without a doubt, that this is the MOST re-used bridesmaid/groomsman gift we've ever received!

Once I have my recipes all printed I take care to notice similarities in the recipes. For instance, today all my recipes called for onions so I chopped 3 onions at once and then divided them up! I cooked two of the meals today and packaged up the other 1/3 for use later in the week!

Here is my fridge this week {and really, what it looks like most weeks}. I try to keep it very organized but I have a roommate {aka my hubby}!

full and happy fridge!
Top left: condiment type things. sour cream, Yumm sauce, nut butters, veg broth.
Top right: eggs, salad fixings, chopped veggies
Middle left: WAY too much cheese {yet to be delivered to the people}, salad containers where I prep 4 salad topping combinations for the week.
Middle right: Chopped snack veggies, salad, leftovers.
Left middle drawer: cheese and random things {currently pepperoni and ginger reside there}
Right bottom: Veggies that won't fit in the veggie drawer.
Left bottom drawer: Raw meant only. Ever.
Right bottom drawer: Veggies
While it does take a considerable amount of time every weekend to do this it is so worth it for us. If I am not prepared then by the time I get home from work, working out, and whatever else I am exhausted and I don't want to spend an hour cooking dinner! Today I made a cauliflower soup, hard boiled eggs, zucchini bread, 4 salad containers, snack veggies, and other things I feel that I am forgetting ;-)
Fingers crossed {that someday my husband joins me in the food prep fun}!!!
PS. Random but....
my apron is a little big!

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