Monday, October 14, 2013

{30 thoughts} barre3 fall challenge starts today

Today marks the start of the barre3 fall challenge!!!

This is the good peer pressure {is there such a thing?} kind of challenge where there is a GIANT board of names with stickers to put on when you go to class! The goal is to go to 5 studio classes per week, for 4 weeks. For now we aren't putting our own stickers on {small hallway} but I'm hoping that changes soon! It's so rewarding to put that sticker on. Maybe I need to make one for my home! Heehee.

This challenge couldn't fall at a better time. It is October 14th - November 10th. We just got home from a 3 day week in Pullman and in 30 days we are going to Vegas {3 days after the challenge ends}! Now...if only my shoulder would cooperate!

I don't feel as prepared as I would like since we were out of town and my normal Sunday shopping & prepping didn't get done but Jason reminded me that all we have to do is eat whole foods and we will be okay. The world isn't going to end if we don't eat the exact recipies that are given to us. In fact, some we likely won't try. But some we will and that is okay. Even though it is a challenge we still have to make it work for us! The best part of this challenge is Jason has agreed to do the food portion with me. That makes it SO much easier and today he actually go me up and going and prepping for tomorrow nights dinner!

Tuesday's dinner getting ready on Monday!
It’s also worth a mention that you can download the new barre3 app for your phone FREE until tonight (10/15 until 11:59 p.m. ) After that the cost goes up to $4.99. It’s amazing and gives you access to tons of recipes, 10-minute workouts, an easy-to-organize grocery list and health tips of the day. {Line stolen from Katie who is a barre3 instructor in Columbus, OH}
Fingers crossed {we make it through the challenge}!!!

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