Thursday, October 24, 2013

{30 thoughts} when will the celebrating stop?

Or should the celebrating stop?

As my two year tipping point anniversary approaches next week I've been thinking about this a lot. I like rewards, attention, and all these changes I've made!

I like to celebrate pounds lost, time spent, and results gained. I don't really know how many more "weight" celebrations I will get. I hope to someday get to -80 pounds but I don't know. The lowest I've gotten is to -79 pounds so it seems reachable! But after that I don't think my body is meant to lose too much more! I suppose I will continue to lose inches, too.

It seems like from here on out the milestones will be able time passing, joints working correctly, and finding new ways to get involved in what I truly love. It will be about lab results, tipping point & barre3 anniversaries, and new endeavors. And that's okay. It is time to focus on maintaining this lifestyle, inspiring others, and likely something that I don't know is a possibility!

Fingers crossed {there is a lot more to celebrate in the future}!!!

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