Saturday, October 5, 2013

{30 thoughts} old normal vs new normal...

old normal VS new normal
toast ~ muesli
english muffin ~ granola & apple
nothing ~ eggs
rice a roni, chicken, canned green beans ~ quinoa, veggies, salad
white pasta, garlic bread, alfredo sauce ~ DIY brown rice bowls with veggies & chicken
hamburger helper ~ taco salad
nachos ~ taco salad ;-)
cheese enchiladas ~ taco salad ;-)
macaroni & cheese ~ ___________ {nothing replaces M&C}
processed freezer meals ~ leftovers or salads
Doritos, chex mix, cheese nips ~ nut thins, pirates booty
chips & salsa ~ veggies & hummus
cookies ~ almond or other nuts
low-fat ice cream ~ coconut ice cream
popcorn ~ popcorn {some things never change}
cakepops ~ b3 dark choco donut holes
Here's a few ideas of how our eating habits have changed in the last year or so! So proud of the changes we have made!!!
What changes have you made that you are most proud of?
Fingers crossed {that we keep on track this holiday season}...

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